Are there lineal deodorant gift certificates and/or gift cards?

Are there Lineal Deodorant gift certificates and/or gift cards?

Yes! Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or just doing some last-minute shopping our gift cards are the perfect solution for you! Give one today!
Please email us at and we’ll be happy to get your gift certificate ready in no time!
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    • How do I identify whether an email is or is not from Lineal Deodorant?

      Suspicious or fraudulent emails not from Lineal Deodorant may contain: A reference to a payment source that Lineal Deodorant does not accept, such as PayPal or COD. Lineal Deodorant currently only accepts credit cards, debit cards, and ...
    • Can my child use Lineal Deodorant?

      Yes, Lineal Deodorant is safe for children.
    • Does Lineal Deodorant stain clothes?

      Lineal Deodorant does not contain any ingredient that is known to stain. Also, the deodorant does not contain any colouring agents that may leach into clothing. Importantly, we have performed multiple tests before launch and one such test was a stain ...
    • How strong are the scents of Lineal Deodorant?

      Lineal Deodorant is subtly scented. The primary function of our deodorant is to naturally eliminate body odour causing bacteria and fungi. Lineal Deodorant is not a perfume and will not substitute one.
    • What is the shelf life of Lineal Deodorant?

      Our deodorants are best used within 8 months of first application. Lineal Deodorant carries a "Best Before" date to comply with government mandates. This date is not an expiry date. A best before date is mentioned only to comply with government ...