What is the shelf life of lineal deodorant?

What is the shelf life of Lineal Deodorant?

Our deodorants are best used within 8 months of first application.
Lineal Deodorant carries a "Best Before" date to comply with government mandates. This date is not an expiry date.

A best before date is mentioned only to comply with government mandates. These mandates are broad and make no distinction between products that contains water (necessary for bacterial/ fungal contamination of the product) and those that contain no water. Though we respectfully disagree with these mandates we continue to state the same only to comply with the law. 

For example, the Lineal Deodorant sold in the United States of America does not need to carry a "best before date" as the same is not mandated by law.

As Lineal deodorant does not contain any water our formulation is safe and effective for use well beyond the best before date.

Rest assured you can use a sealed pack of Lineal Deodorant for well past the best before date mentioned on the pack.